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My Political Predictions For 2012…

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Here are my ten quick political predictions for 2012 in some sort of a chronological order: –

*Mitt Romney will win the Republican Nomination for President after a long protracted battle with Newt Gingrich.

*Greece will exit the Euro but the single currency will remain for 2012 at least.

*Boris Johnson will beat Ken Livingstone to be re-elected Mayor of London in an ill tempered campaign.

*A challenge to Ed Miliband’s leadership will come after the London Mayoral campaign, but no formal contest will be held. Miliband will hang onto the Labour leadership throughout 2012 as the party struggles to find a successor.

*Chris Huhne will finally exit the Cabinet after a falling out with his Lib Dem collegues.

*Nick Clegg will start to formulate a few clear Lib Dem policies in a bid to distance his party from the Tories ahead of 2015.

*Barack Obama will be re-elected as American President by a decent sized margin.

*David Laws will return to the cabinet in a social brief.

*Nick Boles will be promoted to the Cabinet, possibly replacing Chris Huhne as Energy Secretary.

*Ed Miliband’s approval ratings will go lower than former Tory Leader Iain Duncan Smith’s approval ratings at their lowest ebb.

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