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Good Week, Bad Week 17/06/12…

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Good Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a good week, with his party still ahead in the polls by a significant margin and a decent performance at Leveson. Issues do seem to arising with the right wing of Labour however, with unions calling for the (Blairite) Progress group to be expelled from the movement. If Progress was expelled from the Labour movement it would almost certainly alienate a large chunk of the activist base (and delight the other large chunk). Therefore Miliband needs to do everything humanly possible to keep Progress inside the movement as divided parties historically do not win elections.

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had his usual quiet week with his appearance at Leveson being largely unreported.

Jon Cruddas- Labour’s new policy guru this week released his vision for Labour to regain power. Cruddas has formulated a list of largely sensible if left wing draft policies. Cruddas is one of the most underutilized members of the opposition and Labour really should be putting him forward for more media appearances in my opinion.

Bad Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a relatively dull week only blighted only by his party’s woeful poll ratings. Leveson was slightly embarrassing for the Prime Minister but certainly not as bad as it could have been. The Tories (and to a lesser extent the Lib Dems) clearly wish the Sumer Recess would hurry up to stem some of the political pain caused by the Budget back in March.

Gordon Brown- Brown at Leveson stated that he did not know of briefings against the then Prime Minister Tony Blair by his “colleagues”.  His statements were plausible but not at all believeable. At this time Brown is of no real use to Labour, in fact I would say he is a hinderance to the party as a whole.

Emily Thornberry- The usually half decent media performer Thornberry was caught off guard this week on Question Time by her party’s blank sheet of policies on the subject of immigration.


Ed Balls Gets Owned By A Question Time Audience Member…

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Said ownage takes place at 0.18.

Good Week, Bad Week 30/10/11…

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Good Week

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had a good week this week. The changing of the Royal succession rules, ratified at the Commonwealth Summit, was Clegg’s idea which although not that important in the short term will change the make up of the Royal Family forever. Clegg also talked tough over Europe this week to solidify his position on the subject to his party and the wider public. However, the Lib Dems poll ratings are dire with YouGov, so Clegg needs to connect with the electorate (especially disgruntled 2010 Lib Dem voters) more effectively to see his party’s position improve.

Nigel Farage- With UKIP at seven percent in the YouGov polls and the Tories at each others’ throats over Europe, this week has been a very good one for Farage.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had an awful week with the issue of Europe threatening to split his party yet again. With over eighty Tory MPs rebelling on an EU In/Out Referendum Cameron will know that Europe is not going to go away in his back benchers’ minds quickly. This week would have been made worse if Ed Miliband actually had showed up to Prime Minister’s Questions, but as per normal, he did not.

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition had an appalling week after fluffing one of the easiest opportunities to land blows on the Prime Minister Wednesday in The Commons. Miliband at this point has the traction of a broken down escalator and I can only see things getting worse for him in the short term.

Harriet Harman- Harman is alleged to be holding all female Shadow Cabinet meetings after  normal Shadow Cabinet meeting. Not only is this rather pointless if true, it would surely prove to divide the Shadow Cabinet yet further.

Gloria De Piero- De Piero put on one of the worst performances in Question Time history on Thursday night, not answering the questions and rigidly sticking to her party’s (imaginary) lines.

Good Week, Bad Week 23/10/11…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had mixed week with the death of Colonel Gaddafi and some in his party’s insistence on an EU Referendum. The death of Gaddafi is excellent news for Cameron as it means that operations in Libya are over and he was ultimately proved right to pursue military action in the country. Unless the EU Referendum vote next week sees more than eighty or so Tory MPs rebelling against Cameron I doubt it will harm him long term, perhaps even strengthening his position on Europe during this Parliament. On balance, a relatively decent week for the Prime Minister.

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had a mixed week as well. A decent outing at Prime Minister’s Questions, disarray within the Government over Europe but falling poll ratings (Labour are now below forty percent in YouGov’s Daily Tracker Poll for the first time in nearly a year) have made this week not as sweet as it could have been for Miliband. The Leader of the Opposition still faces major issues being heard in the media and he must address this soon as not to set the narrative against him throughout the remaining years in this Parliament.

Nick Clegg- Other than a statement on the death of Colonel Gaddafi, the Deputy Prime Minister has had a very quiet and therefore good week.

Jacob Rees-Mogg- Rees-Mogg was impressive on Question Time this week, producing a performance that even gained ripples of applause from the Glasgow audience. No mean feat indeed.

Bad Week

Colonel Gaddafi- Although his death seems to be very dubious in it’s nature, it at least allows the country of Libya to move forward.

Ed Balls- Balls is having a tough time in interviews explaining why his fiscal plans don’t make him isolated on the world stage. Unless he can address this issue, Labour will not be trusted on the economy in the short term.

Good Week, Bad Week 18/09/11…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a mixed week, with a poor showing at Prime Minister’s Questions, his triumphant visit to Libya and the Tories doing well in the polls. The unemployment figures provided Ed Miliband with an open goal at Prime Minister’s Questions which he duly squandered, only just besting Cameron in the exchange. The Prime Minister’s trip to Libya was an undoubted success with him drawing a line underneath the conflict finally. The Tories are now level with Labour in a poll conducted by ComRes on thirty eight percent, better than the party’s vote share at the last General Election. The ineptitude of the opposition has made this week a good one for Cameron.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister’s week has been dominated by the 50p tax rate, with Clegg not wishing to abolish the top rate of tax anytime soon. He will clearly get his way in the short term, with the Tories not daring to try and push through such a measure through Parliament. Clegg’s opening speech to his Party Conference struck the right tone and reenforced  his message for fairness.

Owen Paterson- The Northern Ireland Secretary devised a brilliant plan on Question Time of talking exceptionally slowly, thus not allowing his opponents as much time to respond.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had an awful week. An average showing at Prime Minister’s Questions, the debacle of calling the Prime Minister back to Parliament only for him to not to do so and falling poll ratings mean Miliband is still skating on thin ice. He desperately needs a memorable speech at his Party Conference to sure up his position, and to reveal a few policies on his vision for Labour going forward.

Diane Abbott- Abbott was woeful on Question Time, especially on the economy. Not what Labour needs right now.

Sarah Teather- Teather’s joke about Peter Hain at her Party Conference was badly timed given this week’s events in his constituency.

Good Week, Bad Week 03/07/11…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a so so week this week. A poor performance at Prime Minister’s Questions and trouble over benefit reforms should have spelled disaster for Cameron this week, but all the pressure was yet again on his opposite number over his bizarre interview recorded on Thursday. This Parliament  is currently about the ineptitude of the opposition at this point and unless the narrative changes Cameron will keep on having good weeks.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has has a great week this week attending various sporting events such as Wimbledon. Not much on policy however.

Yvette Cooper- Cooper has been impressive  this week fighting for her beleaguered leader. The question still remains however, if the Labour leader role did become vacant in the near future would she stand against her husband?

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband is becoming a liability for Labour. Condemning the  strikes this week alienated the left of his party, and his strange interview where he repeated himself constantly was frankly horrific. These PR blunders are making the decision to elect him as leader seem more foolhardy by the day. I still feel Miliband has a fifty-fifty chance of being Labour leader in 2015.

Philip Hammond- The usually considered Hammond had a bit of a shocker on Question Time this week, stumbling to find a coherent attack line against the opposition on numerous subjects.

Mark Serwotka- The head of the PCS union was in his usual overblown combative mode this week over the strikes. I doubt this approach gained much sympathy for the strikers however.

Good Week, Bad Week 19/06/11…

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Good Week

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had a good week. His party’s influence within the Coalition is popular with the voting public and the Lib Dems are poll ratings are recovering (albeit slowly).

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a mixed week but his performance at Prime Minister’s Questions proved he isn’t likely to come under much pressure from within his party anytime soon. Cleverly selecting a fact and then pressing the Prime Minister on that fact is a useful tactic William Hague often used during his tenure as Leader of the Opposition. It is a tactic that cannot be used too often however. The only major worry for Miliband short term is whether or not he appoints his brother to a role within the Shadow Cabinet in a reshuffle, does he risk opening old wounds or sticking to a weaker team without his brother David?

Michael Forsyth- Lord Forsyth performed well on Question Time in Aberdeen, proving Tories can win over sections of the Scottish public if they present their arguments properly.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a sub par week. His performance at Prime Minister’s Questions was shaky at best and the Coalition’s U-Turns are becoming the norm rather than the exception. A decent outing at Prime Minister’s Questions by Cameron could have put Ed Miliband on the verge of being ousted as leader. As it went down however, Miliband went with a highly emotive issue which the Prime Minister had no real answers to. U-Turns are regrettable for any political leader but at this stage, with Labour still not having any policies to speak of, the damage they are causing in the media short term should not be replicated with the voting public in 2015.

Ed Balls- With the deficit reduction debate seemingly swinging in George Osborne’s favour, Balls announced this week he would like to see a temporary VAT cut to stimulate spending. A very poor strategic move for his party in my opinion.

Danny Alexander- Alexander unveiled the Coalition’s pension reforms this week in a very bland and lackluster fashion when ideally they needed a solid launch.

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