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Good Week, Bad Week 01/07/12…

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Good Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a relatively good week. His party are still well ahead in the polls and he has put the Coalition on the back foot over the Libor scandal. That said, cracks do seem to be appearing within the Labour party as a whole. The unions want to drag Labour to left and mooted policies such as the re-nationalisation of railways point that their 2015 manifesto will be not be beside reading for the likes of Tony Blair. As I’ve stated before, divided parties do not win elections and provided Labour can stay relatively together they stand a good chance of gaining the most seats in 2015, whatever political position they choose to take.

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had his usual dull week as per normal. A busier, more media savvy Deputy Prime Minister may be able to bolster his party’s poll ratings in the Autumn.

Bad Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a half decent week spoilt by his follies over an EU Referendum. The petrol tax deferral was a positive move which showed the country that the Prime Minister was on their side. His lack of leadership over the EU Referendum has shown that Cameron is still worried by his back benchers rebelling however. As with Labour, Cameron needs to take a standpoint and stick to it instead of consistently seeking some sort of middle ground. He is incredibly lucky that the opposition haven’t formulated any policies of note on any subject that matters long term yet.

George Osborne- Although the petrol tax deferral was a positive step it did seem to be forced by the opposition. Osborne may be reshuffled out of his current role if he lets situations like this week’s multiply.

Ed Balls- Ed Balls this week called for an inquiry into the actions of Ed Balls. Truly bizarre.

Chloe Smith- Smith this week found herself on the end of a Paxman mauling. The long term damage to her career should be minimal however.


Good Week, Bad Week 17/06/12…

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Good Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a good week, with his party still ahead in the polls by a significant margin and a decent performance at Leveson. Issues do seem to arising with the right wing of Labour however, with unions calling for the (Blairite) Progress group to be expelled from the movement. If Progress was expelled from the Labour movement it would almost certainly alienate a large chunk of the activist base (and delight the other large chunk). Therefore Miliband needs to do everything humanly possible to keep Progress inside the movement as divided parties historically do not win elections.

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had his usual quiet week with his appearance at Leveson being largely unreported.

Jon Cruddas- Labour’s new policy guru this week released his vision for Labour to regain power. Cruddas has formulated a list of largely sensible if left wing draft policies. Cruddas is one of the most underutilized members of the opposition and Labour really should be putting him forward for more media appearances in my opinion.

Bad Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a relatively dull week only blighted only by his party’s woeful poll ratings. Leveson was slightly embarrassing for the Prime Minister but certainly not as bad as it could have been. The Tories (and to a lesser extent the Lib Dems) clearly wish the Sumer Recess would hurry up to stem some of the political pain caused by the Budget back in March.

Gordon Brown- Brown at Leveson stated that he did not know of briefings against the then Prime Minister Tony Blair by his “colleagues”.  His statements were plausible but not at all believeable. At this time Brown is of no real use to Labour, in fact I would say he is a hinderance to the party as a whole.

Emily Thornberry- The usually half decent media performer Thornberry was caught off guard this week on Question Time by her party’s blank sheet of policies on the subject of immigration.

Tony Blair Confronted At The Leveson Inquiry…

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Tony Blair called a “War Criminal” at Leveson.

A (Short) Alistair Darling: Back From The Brink Review…

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It’s slightly better than Tony Blair’s book, but not as readable as John Prescott’s book.

Good Week, Bad Week 12/06/11…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister should have had a terrible week but because of other events this week he has had a relatively good one. A decent performance at Prime Minister’s Questions after a couple of u-turns by the Coalition was more to do with the ineptitude of his opponent more than Cameron’s guile, but this week has proved him to be more “Teflon” than Tony Blair.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had a decent if quiet week, scoring a minor victory with a u-turn from Cameron on the NHS reforms.

David Miliband- This week’s shenanigans have put Miliband Major back in the spotlight for the better or worse of his party. I still cannot see him becoming Leader of the Opposition anytime soon however as he stands little chance of deposing his brother before 2015.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had an abysmal week as Leader of the Opposition. Leaks about his plot with Ed Balls to oust Tony Blair, a rather negative book about his relationship with his brother and a whispering campaign against his leadership means Miliband looks to be in deep trouble as Labour leader. The major problem for Miliband is he will not have any policies for eighteen months, by which time both local elections and the Mayoral election in London will have been held. If Labour don’t do well next May I think the pressure within the party could make Miliband’s position untenable, and Ed Balls would inevitably ascend to party leader on the union block vote. I rate Ed Miliband’s chances of hanging on as Labour leader until 2015 currently at fifty-fifty.

Andy Burnham- Burnham criticised the Education Secretary Michael Gove about his department’s budget this week, describing it as being in “Chaos”. A very hypocritical stance from Burnham in my opinion given his party’s handling of the economy when they were in Government.

Liam Byrne- Byrne stated this week that “Gordon Brown was a superb Prime Minister”. I’ll let the utter tribalism /and or stupidity of that statement stand on it’s own.

Liam Byrne “Ed Balls is a Superb Shadow Chancellor”…

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And an ace plotter tool! Pretty delusional stuff from the man who stated “There is no money” in a note to David Laws last year.

Ed Balls “There was no plot to oust Blair”…

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Whatever you say Ed!

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