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Good Week, Bad Week 11/03/12…

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Good Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had a good week on balance. Although Miliband had a shocker in a radio interview early in the week, the Coalition are still faltering with the proposed NHS Reforms so the Labour Leader’s attacks finally seem to be paying off. Labour’s poll lead with YouGov are stabilising at five percent which must also please Miliband greatly. After the NHS Bill goes through Labour’s next priority will likely be Police numbers before the Budget at the end of the month.

Yvette Cooper- Cooper (finally) is effectively attacking the Coalition on the issue of Police numbers. This should prove fertile ground for Labour in the short term but close to an election one wonders if the voting public may question how the opposition would raise Police numbers without the need for raising taxes.

Boris Johnson- The Mayor of London has had a good week by doing absolutely nothing politically, allowing Ken Livingstone to get himself into trouble over his tax affairs.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a bad week due to the NHS Reforms being in the spotlight for a fourth straight week. Cameron must be hoping that the bill goes through without issue and that the political debate moves onto the Budget as soon as possible.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister this week has been getting himself into a tangle over the NHS Reforms and taxation within his own party. The NHS Reforms are now neither backed or opposed by the Lib Dems as a whole and the prospect of “tycoon tax” seems baffling. Whilst I accept that Clegg needs to draw up a separate narrative for the Lib Dems heading into 2015, he needs such a narrative to be bold and above all else decisive. The Lib Dem Leader cannot afford to be labeled as a fence sitter come the next General Election in my opinion.

Newt Gingrich- Gingrich is widely expected to leave the GOP Race next week. Such a move would undoubtedly prolong the fight between Romney and Santorum yet further which would make Barack Obama a very happy man indeed.


Good Week, Bad Week 22/01/12…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a good week. Ed Miliband is still floundering as Labour Leader, with seemingly little media attention being paid to Cameron’s problems with his own party. The Tories will face resistance to their NHS and Welfare reforms this week but ultimately Cameron is unlikely to be losing sleep over his opposite number’s rather hollow attacks.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had the usual quiet week with the Lib Dems only kicking up a minor fuss over over The Mayor of London’s “Boris Island” airport plans.

Sayeeda Warsi- The Co-Chairman of the Conservatives had a solid outing on Question Time this week, easily besting Stephen Twigg who looked uneasy defending his party leader.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had a stinker of a week. Labour’s economic message still isn’t getting through, his party are behind in the daily YouGov tracker and a muted performance at Prime Minister’s Questions added to his increasing list of woes. Two glimmers of hope for Miliband remain however, the unions although vocally opposed to his “new” economic policies are unlikely to withdraw their support for Labour anytime soon and no clear replacement for   Labour Leader is apparent (yet). As I’ve stated before, Miliband needs to establish a narrative pronto to make Labour seem credible with voters and to stop the prominent question in his media appearances being “When are you resigning?”.

Chris Huhne- Huhne’s constant disruption of Cabinet matters seems to make Cameron’s decision to sack him easier if he is charged for passing off speeding points to his then wife.

Yvette Cooper- Cooper ranked twenty points below Ed Miliband in a hypothetical leadership poll for ComRes. That has to hurt.

Who Is Labour Leader?..

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According to this promo for BBC Parliament, it looks to be Yvette Cooper.

Good Week, Bad Week 13/11/11…

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Good Week

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has done very little yet again this week, apart from seeing his party’s YouGov poll rating plunge to within a percentage point of UKIP.

Mario Monti- Monti, a technocrat, became Italian Prime Minister. He is likely to govern only for a few months before elections are held, with his principle mission to be to stabilise the country’s finances and to appease the bond markets.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a rather dull week. An uninspiring outing at Prime Minister’s Questions plus fears over immigration has seen a slight drop in the polls for the Tories. The only consolation for Cameron currently is Ed Miliband is doing so terribly as Leader of the Opposition.

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition is becoming a bit of bandwagon jumper. A prime example of Miliband’s bandwagon jumping was his criticism of Newcastle United’s Stadium being renamed. When a politician does this it not only shows opportunism it also shows he has very few policies to showcase. Miliband’s position is stable at the current time but with strikes on the horizon I can see a “Yvette Cooper For Labour Leader” campaign beginning before Christmas.

Theresa May- The Home Secretary doesn’t seem to be totally in control of her department at the moment. I predict if further revelations break regarding immigration May will be reshuffled out of her position in favour of Damian Green.

Silvio Berlusconi- Berlusconi finally left office this week- don’t rule out a comeback however!

Good Week, Bad Week 03/07/11…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a so so week this week. A poor performance at Prime Minister’s Questions and trouble over benefit reforms should have spelled disaster for Cameron this week, but all the pressure was yet again on his opposite number over his bizarre interview recorded on Thursday. This Parliament  is currently about the ineptitude of the opposition at this point and unless the narrative changes Cameron will keep on having good weeks.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has has a great week this week attending various sporting events such as Wimbledon. Not much on policy however.

Yvette Cooper- Cooper has been impressive  this week fighting for her beleaguered leader. The question still remains however, if the Labour leader role did become vacant in the near future would she stand against her husband?

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband is becoming a liability for Labour. Condemning the  strikes this week alienated the left of his party, and his strange interview where he repeated himself constantly was frankly horrific. These PR blunders are making the decision to elect him as leader seem more foolhardy by the day. I still feel Miliband has a fifty-fifty chance of being Labour leader in 2015.

Philip Hammond- The usually considered Hammond had a bit of a shocker on Question Time this week, stumbling to find a coherent attack line against the opposition on numerous subjects.

Mark Serwotka- The head of the PCS union was in his usual overblown combative mode this week over the strikes. I doubt this approach gained much sympathy for the strikers however.

Alternatives to Ed Miliband…

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Frank Field earlier this week stated that Ed Miliband would hang onto his job as Labour leader as “There are no other alternatives to Ed Miliband”. A ringing endorsement I’m sure you would agree. Let’s have a look at those with a feasible chance of becoming Labour leader, conveniently in three sections- those who would be better than Ed Miliband as Labour leader, those who are on the same level as Ed Miliband as Labour leader, and those who would be worse than Ed Miliband as Labour leader. Please be aware these are my own personal opinions as always, if you disagree please use the comments box below.

Those who would better than Ed Miliband as Labour leader

David Miliband- Ed’s bigger brother is better presentationally and would undoubtedly shift the party to the right if he were to become leader. This would help get valuable media outlets back onside for Labour and give them more scope to concentrate on little issues that seem to catch out Cameron on a regular basis. Whilst I think David is far better than his brother presentationally, he still gives off a slightly awkward vibe in interviews which affects his connection with the voting public. I feel David Miliband won’t stand for the Labour leadership in this Parliament if there were a contest. He would be much better served to stand in 2015 if Labour lose that year’s General Election.

Ed Balls- At his best Ed Balls is a very clever, combative politician who is far better at conveying his messages to the public than Ed Miliband. However, he can come across as slightly condescending (putting it politely) in interviews to the media and would certainly steer the Labour party firmly to the left if he were to become leader. Balls is well liked by the unions (more so than David Miliband in a straight run off) and has to considered as the front runner in any leadership contest should Ed Miliband be ousted in this Parliament.

Yvette Cooper- Cooper is similar Ed Balls presentationally with a combative, no nonsense style at the Despatch Box. I doubt the Shadow Home Secretary would wish to run in any leadership contest, favouring to support her husband to win such a contest.

Andy Burnham– Burnham is again much better than Miliband presentationally, having an easy  going “man of the people” style that endears him to the public. Whether as leader Burnham would shift the party further to the right is to be seen as he doesn’t belong to either the Blair or Brown camp, which may harm his chances in a leadership contest. Much like David Miliband, Burnham would be better served sitting out a leadership contest in this Parliament in my opinion, biding his time until a possible opening in 2015.

Jim Murphy- Murphy has a calm, understated style much like Andy Burnham. He is the only Shadow Cabinet  member currently to be landing significant blows on his opposite number Liam Fox. Murphy seems to be an ideal candidate for the leadership role. The problem is he currently is an MP in Scotland, and therefore a MP who could lose their job if the country was to gain independence for the rest of the UK. It would be foolish for him to stand before the referendum is held and for this reason I can’t rank him as a contender.

Chuka Umunna- Umunna has made waves since being elected at last year’s General Election, being put forward for many media appearances on behalf of the opposition and has a calculated presentational style. Umunna is too young to be taken as a serious contender for the Labour leadership at the present time however in my opinion.

Alan Johnson- Johnson is by far the best candidate Labour could field as leader and would take the party to the right. Unfortunately for the party he will likely step down at the next General Election.

Those who are on the same level as Ed Miliband as Labour leader

John Healey- I have always found Labour’s love for Healey baffling. He isn’t any better than Ed Miliband presentationally and he hasn’t exactly made Andrew Lansley sweat as Shadow Health Secretary, even after his series of u-turns on health reform. Healey would be no better for Labour than Miliband and I doubt he’d run if the Labour leader’s post was available.

Douglas Alexander- Alexander strikes me as a politician who always underperforms in media appearances. He isn’t terrible presentationally, but as he is so close to Ed Miliband I doubt he would run in a leadership election.

Sadiq Khan-  Khan is a relatively astute politician but he doesn’t offer anything radically different to Miliband. Any potential leadership contest would not feature Khan I’d wager.

Harriet Harman- Harman did well as a stand in Labour leader after the General Election but is still a marmite politician, you either love her or you hate her. She seems content in her current role and it would be a shock if she stood for party leader.

Those who would be worse than Ed Miliband as Labour leader

Peter Hain- Hain is terrible presentationally, especially in media appearances. Being Ed Miliband’s closest ally it would seem very strange if he were to stand in any leadership election after his friend’s ousting.

Tessa Jowell– Jowell is essentially a female version of Peter Hain sans tan, poor presentationally with little to endear her to the voting public. She is coming towards the end of her political career and to stand for party leader should the opportunity arise would seem bizarre at this stage.

Liam Byrne- A Blairite, Byrne should be a contender in any leadership election. After his “There is no money left” note however I think he is just happy to be in the Shadow Cabinet currently.

The reason why I have put such prominence on presentational skills in this post is because I believe Cameron will run a presidential campaign in 2015, much like Alex Salmond’s Scottish Election campaign this year. It is essential for Labour to have an able media performer in any General Election campaign. I doubt Ed Miliband can get to Cameron’s level presentationally within four years. At the present time, I rate Ed Miliband’s chances of still being Labour leader at the next General Election fifty-fifty at best.







Good Week, Bad Week 27/03/11…

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Good Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a good if unspectacular week. The Prime Minister will be heartened by the way the military action in Libya is going, how well the Budget was received by the media and his party’s steady rise in the opinion polls this week.

George Osborne- Osborne’s Budget this week was solid if predictable. The cut in duty on petrol and the cut in corporation tax were welcomed by the Government’s media backers and businesses. The Budget itself was cost neutral which from a strategic perspective tries to differentiate Osborne from past Labour Chancellors who seemed to overspend every Spring.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a truly woeful week after a sub-par Budget response, a frankly bizarre speech at the TUC march and doubts starting to emerge from within his own party that he and his Shadow Chancellor can lead effectively. Miliband’s Budget response simply repeated what he has been stating for months on the economy and sounded pre-scripted. Milliband’s speech at the TUC march compared his struggle against slowing down the cuts to the struggle that Nelson Mandela faced against apartheid, a truly laughable statement to make given Labour would only be cutting two billion pounds less per year than the Coalition this Parliament. The Leader of the Opposition is rumoured to be coming under pressure from his Labour MPs on the right of the party who want a more cohesive, honest message on the economy and on Labour’s strategy to deal with the cuts. The problem for those on the right of the Labour party is there is no clear replacement for Ed Miliband currently. David Miliband is still smarting from his leadership election defeat, Yvette Cooper can’t challenge as she is Ed Balls’ spouse and Andy Burnham is not ruthless enough to oust his leader. A poor set of results in the local/devolved elections in May for Labour could see serious pressure mounting on Miliband but ultimately I can see him hanging on at least in the short term.

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had a quiet week yet again although he is coming under increased pressure from those on the left of his party who are questioning the party’s role in the Coalition. Ideas such as a party rebrand involving a name change (to the “Social Democrats”) have been mooted but I feel Clegg would be right to resist any change on the grounds of the fact those parties who have success at General Elections do so from the centre ground. The Deputy Prime Minister’s party may be doing poorly in the polls at the moment but a hasty decision to rebrand could divide the party and more importantly damage their chances in 2015 beyond repair.

Ken Livingstone- Livingstone’s performance on Question Time proved he is more left wing than Ryan Giggs and must have had Boris Johnson dancing in his Mayoral Office on Thursday night.

Ed Balls- Balls’ Budget response included a rather disingenuous apology from the Shadow Chancellor about the past Government’s record on the economy. An apology that was well over three years late.

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